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Success on the trumpet is no accident.
Learn the secret that allows successful players to…

Play The Trumpet Easily And Confidently!

As a new trumpet player, you have something that many players with years of experience wish they had – a fresh start!

Nearly all beginning trumpet students start playing the trumpet with dreams of success. You probably have a dream too – maybe you want to:

play jazz * play in a brass quintet * perform at weddings or church
play in a concert band or orchestra * play in a marching band

You can absolutely learn the skills to do any of these – and do them well!

But the unfortunate fact is that many trumpet players will start off with these dreams only to struggle or even quit out of frustration.

  • What makes the difference?
  • Why do some succeed where others fail?
  • How can you be sure you’ll develop the skills you need to really play well?

What’s The ‘Secret’ That Every Good Trumpet Player Knows?

It’s nothing to do with natural ability. “Lots of practice?” Well, you’re partially right. But someone who practices a lot with poor technique just gets better at playing poorly.

The most common advice that accomplished trumpet players will give a beginner is…


Why do so many successful players know this secret?

  • Because they know how quickly bad technique habits are developed, and how difficult they are to change.
  • Because they’ve seen the frustration of experienced players trying to correct their poor technique.
  • Because they’ve watched players struggle to overcome limiting habits so much that they give up on their trumpet playing dreams.

Yes, simple as it sounds, learning to play correctly from the outset is that important!


… and a good teacher makes those crucial first
lessons productive ones!

A teacher helps make sure you learn the essential fundamental trumpet skills correctly, making everything else you learn on the trumpet so much easier. Your teacher helps with:

Youngsters can play trumpet

  • correct shape of the lips (embouchure)
  • proper breathing technique
  • supporting posture

  • providing the right exercises to develop tone, fingering, and strength
  • developing those fundamentals so crucial to your success as a trumpet player


But a good trumpet teacher is not always an option.

  • Private trumpet lessons can be expensive.
  • They can be difficult to schedule on a regular basis.
  • They can be hard to get to.
  • Sometimes a good teacher is just not available.

The simple reality is that not everyone has access to

quality beginning trumpet lessons… UNTIL NOW!

Finally… The Essential Beginning Trumpet Lessons
In A Convenient, Economic Package!

My name is Brett Manges and I created the unique eTrumpet Lessons Video Course so that beginning trumpet players can receive those essential early lessons that will lead to a fun, rewarding, and long-lasting experience with the trumpet.

I want every new player to have the same opportunities that I’ve enjoyed so much as a trumpet player!

I can still remember just starting out as an 11 year old, my trumpet teacher making sure I developed correct playing techniques. I didn’t understand it at the time, but those lessons in basic fundamentals proved to be the key to my success, allowing me to improve quickly, paving the way for years of success as a trumpet player.

That’s Why I’m Making Those Same Crucial
Lessons Available To You!

The Beginning Trumpet Lessons video course teaches new trumpet players the key skills necessary to begin a successful, fun-filled trumpet career . You’ll build a solid foundation that supports your continual improvement and avoid bad habits that hold so many players back.

e-trumpet lessons video

The Course Includes 15 Video Lessons On:

  • Daily Trumpet Warm Up
  • How To Practice Efficiently (Quality Over Quantity)
  • Reading Music – Rhythms, Notes, Accidentals, and Keys (3 lessons)
  • Creating A Beautiful Tone
  • Flexibility and Slurring Skills
  • Techniques For Clean, Even Fingering
  • Clear Articulation
  • Building Endurance
  • Building Endurance
  • Playing With STYLE! – Beyond just playing the notes
  • Intonation
  • How To Be Your Own Trumpet Teacher
  • Playing Scales
  • Care & Cleaning Of Your Trumpet

 You’ll not only learn WHAT to practice, but HOW to practice
(and get the most of your practice time)

In addition to developing correct trumpet technique I’ll show you how to get the most out of every practice session, learning quickly and efficiently, regardless of the amount of time you have.

While the course is for beginning trumpet players, the lessons
you learn will support you over a lifetime of trumpet playing!

Older Trumpet studentNo musical background?   No worries! We’ll start from the beginning. I’ll even show you how to read music and learn all the fingerings quickly and efficiently!

Already been playing a while?   Even better! You’ll learn how to raise your potential on the trumpet by sharpening your skills and correcting any bad habits that are keeping you from playing your best..

Want to get GOOD?   Playing correctly is actually no more difficult that playing poorly – it’s certainly more enjoyable! Learning the right techniques from the outset paves the way to quick development of more advanced techniques.

Travel, playing with celebrities, lasting friendships…
trumpet dreams begin with learning how to play correctly!

I’ve been fortunate to play with select groups, with celebrities and professional musicians in great venues and on national television. And I’m not a professional trumpet player!

That’s right, you don’t have to be a pro to have a great time on the trumpet!

Some of the opportunities for trumpet players include

* Jazz Festivals
* Solo Contests
* Professional Symphony Performances
* Parades & Halftime Shows
* Weddings, Religious Services, and other ceremonies
* Studio Recording
* Performing for friends and family

But you DO need the proper skills – and the better your technique, the greater the opportunities!

“What can I learn from a guy in a video who can’t see or hear me?”

No question, a good, live, one-on-one trumpet teacher is great for giving you specific feedback. What’s unique in this course is that you’ll actually learn to listen for what a teacher listens (and watches) for. I’ll show you how to get relevant feedback from your own playing so you can make the necessary adjustments to improve.

…You’ll actually learn how to be your own teacher!

Plus, very few trumpet students master a skill in the first lesson. The convenient video format of this program lets you to rewind, pause, replay, and review as often as necessary. Yes, it’s possible to teach yourself!

Save yourself the frustration so common with beginning trumpet players – Let me show you the RIGHT way to develop your skills
and set your improvement on autopilot!

With eTrumpet Lessons you’ll learn specific fundamentals of trumpet playing. You’ll learn not just what to play, but how to practice along with principles that will support you throughout your entire trumpet playing career.

I’ll help you learn every foundational trumpet technique and makes sure you learn the proper skills to support your development. With proper guidance you can establish a solid base of essential skills that will support your success and enjoyment as long as you play the trumpet!

You’ll learn everything you need to develop a solid
foundation for an enjoyable trumpet career.


Trumpet Lessons GuidebookEach video lesson takes you through exercises in the accompanying 31-page Trumpet Guidebook. The book includes:

  • exercises for each video trumpet lesson
  • a daily warm up routine
  • fingering chart
  • well-known songs that you can play for your family and friends.

Digital or physical format!

You can view the entire course online or you may receive the program in a physical format in the form of DVD’s and a bound, printed book.

And here’s the best part:

You’ll learn how to practice efficiently, so you don’t waste time with aimless effort!

I’ll show you how to set goals and monitor your progress so you can focus on the specific skills you need to develop. You’ll also learn strategies to get important feedback to guide your improvement – the same kind of feedback that a private trumpet teacher would offer.

Better than a book!

eTrumpet Lessons helps you learn the essential skills quickly and efficiently, at your own pace. Watch, listen, and play along as the exercises and techniques are presented. From embouchure shape to tonguing style, to playing musically, you can follow along in real time through 15 lesson modules.

More convenient than a private teacher!

No doubt, a good trumpet instructor by your side is very valuable. But not everyone has the chance to meet privately with a teacher on a regular basis. Whether it’s the expense of lessons, the task of traveling to a teacher’s studio, a busy schedule, or simply the availability of a quality teacher, sometimes private lessons are just not an option. The video lessons in eTrumpet Lessons are always available, 24/7!

Learn at your own pace!

View the lessons on your own schedule as you’re ready.You can rewind, pause, or fast forward to make sure you’re getting just the points you need at the time you need them! And since lessons are rarely mastered the first time, repeating video lessons is super easy and economical.



New players can struggle just learning the notes. There are lots of notes to learn, but I’ll give you a set of convenient flashcards to make learning the notes and fingerings a quick process. Carry the flashcards with you to practice fingerings any time you find yourself with a few extra minutes.


A tuner is a basic tool for musicians, and is very useful in learning to distinguish slight differences in pitch. In case you don’t already own a tuner, I’ll give you a free digital tuner that you can run on your PC and use with your lessons and practice. We’ll use it extensively in the lesson on intonation.


One of the secrets of learning efficiently, goal setting is an important part of learning any new skill. I’ll show you how to set specific performance goals and track your progress. You’ll always know where you are in your development as a trumpet player, AND where you’re going!

Here’s what people are saying about eTrumpet Lessons:

At the age of 67 after buying a Trumpet, I purchased the online trumpet course, and never looked back. I have no doubt I will become a serious trumpeter.   – George Rowlett, Brooklyn, New York

…very helpful to me, because you explain the fundamentals of playing trumpet in a very clear way. Your program seems to be just what I need to get started again–thanks again. – Michael, Ontario

Brett’s videos are outstanding with a clear message and every encouragement for a beginner or even a lapsed trumpeter…I recommend this course to you wholeheartedly.  – Mr. Harold J.B. Kerslake, Norfolk, England

Now I know where i was doing wrong when I first started playing!

My former teacher was a great player… but (now) I realize that he did not know how to communicate the finer points on how to practice… Thanks Again.  – Sandy R

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In following the lessons in this video course you will not only develop a solid foundation on which to grow your trumpet skills, you’ll also learn practice methods that will support you for years to come.

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P.S. Think about this. You have nothing to lose, and absolutely everything to gain by grabbing this lesson program right now. The sooner poor form is corrected, the easier it is. Even better to start of with the RIGHT techniques from the very beginning.

You’ll get the 15 video lessons, the Trumpet Guidebook with developmental exercises and songs, the note & fingering flashcard set, the goal tracking chart to support your progress, and the free digital tuning software.

Considering the cost of private lessons, if you learn just one technique that improves your playing, this is a great investment… especially considering that each good technique you adopt supports you as long as you play the trumpet!