Irish Trumpet Music Challenge Highlights

The Irish Trumpet Music Challenge for St. Patrick’s Day has concluded. A big ‘Congratulations!’ to the many trumpet players successfully completing the challenge!

The challenge was to select an Irish song, practice it on the trumpet (in about 10 days), and then perform that prepared song for St. Patrick’s Day. Those who joined the Challenge were able to get some specific training on rhythm and phrasing, and the final results were quite musical! Challengers were to select their own time and location of their performance, and some chose to make the internet their performance venue. And in one case, Eric from Quebec actually performed LIVE online!

Here’s a short playlist of performers who chose to post their performance online (Check out Barb in video #3 playing her tune entirely in one breath!):

Once again, congratulations to all who accepted and completed the challenge. The Irish Trumpet Challenge is hopefully the first of a number of performance type challenges we’ll present in the future.

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