Online Trumpet Lessons For Beginners

Avoid endless hours of trumpet struggle with no results…

Learn to play the trumpet the EASY way!

  • Are you wanting to play the trumpet but don’t know where to start?
  • Maybe you’ve already been playing the trumpet a while but are struggling with
    fundamentals like tone, tonguing, and embouchure strength?
  • Think you might even be too old, too young, too [insert your favorite excuse here]?
  • Wasting time because you’re unsure how to practice?

It’s time to learn from an experienced trumpet teacher!

In learning a skill, you know how critical is is for success to establish proper fundamentals early on. Learning to play the trumpet is no exception! I created eTrumpet Lessons to make those critical early lessons on fundamentals available to everyone.


“Great lessons! My band teacher gave me 100% for my first grade in class. Thanks!”Shelby, Connecticut

“I was grateful for your lessons because I live in a fairly remote place and it’s difficult to get to a teacher… Your lessons are a great start for me.”Roberto, Argentina

“I’m an elementary band director who never really learned to play brass…Your videos make a huge impact in how I teach!”
Ron, Texas

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