Trumpet Lessons On DVD

You asked for it, it’s finally here!

Special Pre-Release Offer
Only For eTrumpet Lessons Students

There’s a limited supply on this first run, so I wanted to make sure that everyone who has purchased the full course had first crack at the DVD’s… and at a price only available to you!

The set includes all the video lessons in the eTrumpet Lessons full course, in addition to a printed edition of the Trumpet Guidebook.

You’re already familiar with the content. This is the same program with the added convenience of offline accessibility.

The video lessons are compiled on 2 DVD’s that you can conveniently use with your computer or TV/DVD player. The Trumpet Guidebook is printed and bound for you to set on your music stand. Use it independently or follow along with the video lessons.

The other software components of the program are still downloadable from the third party developers to ensure the latest, bug-free versions.

These physical products will soon be available only as bundled with
the digital lesson program, and of course, at a higher price.

Right now, and for a limited time only, you may
purchase the DVD’s and book for just

(free shipping to North America)

Sold Out!




To be added to the waiting list, click the order button, then the ‘check out’ button on the following page. Leave me your name and email address to reserve the current offer. You’ll be notified as soon as the next stock comes in.



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