Join The Christmas Trumpet Music Challenge

Christmas is a wonderful season with a special role for music. Join eTrumpet Lessons over a (roughly) 10-day period to help you get in the Christmas spirit and perform on your trumpet!

Yes, it’s FREE!

This short ‘challenge’ especially for beginning and developing trumpet players is to learn a Christmas carol and perform it to the best of your ability.

Very simply, the steps are:

  • Select a song you like – I’ll provide a couple suggestions.
  • Download the free sheet music for your selected song.
  • Practice with the help of live and recorded video broadcasts – maybe even a little personal feedback?
  • Perform your song by Christmas Day; your performance may be public, private, or virtually via YouTube.

That’s it! Do these steps and you’ve completed the eTrumpet Lessons Christmas Trumpet Music Challenge!

Over the next few days I’ll invite you to join me for tips and tutorials specific to learning this trumpet music.

I’m in! How do I join The Challenge?

Simply enter your email below so I can share our full Challenge page and let you know by email when I’ll be live online to help you prepare (even if you can’t join me live, recordings will be available).

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