2018 Live Academy Christmas Trumpet Recital

Merry Christmas!

Music is a traditional and wonderful way to commemorate the holiday season. And what better way than a Christmas Trumpet Recital to celebrate!

Students from the eTrumpet Lessons Live Academy  enjoy playing Christmas songs this time of year, and some even aspire to take the spotlight in this virtual Christmas trumpet recital. So for your holiday pleasure, please have a listen to two students who have practiced well to share a little of their Christmas spirit with you.

First, Ocean is doing very well on his trumpet. As a home schooler, he has little opportunity to play his trumpet with other musicians in a school band. This independence can be a blessing, but it  makes learning timing and tempo just a bit more challenging. But Ocean has great dedication, practices well, and does just great playing along with a backing track.

Next up is Gary, from Washington state. Gary is a fan of jazz standards, and often looks away from the mainstream for Christmas music to play. This year he did a great job on an old Sinatra tune, later recorded by Harry Connick Jr. Now enjoy this swinging musical Christmas treat from Gary!

Very warm and musical wishes to you all for a

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!